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Fashion Diaries – Part 2

What do the employee’s cosets at fashion, beauty and celebrity entertainment news start-up look like? Comfy tends to rule in the engineering pod while our style and beauty editors tend to look a bit more like they waltzed out of the windows of the trendiest shops. The devil may wear Prada in the Big Apple, but here in Silicon Valley, pitchforks and Prada are checked at the door!

Dominique Streeter – Associate Style Editor – StyleBistro

What Are You Wearing?

  • My kelly green dress is ShopRuche and my cashmere cardi was bought at a vintage store but is Express. And I would say my style is classic with a girly and sometimes retro twist!

What Item Are You On The Hunt For Right Now?

  • Right now I’m on the hunt for the perfect white cocktail dress.

Who Is Your Style Icon?

  • My style icon is Grace Kelly, because she epitomized natural elegance and class.


Louis Alley – Software Engineer & YoYo Master

Tell Us What You Are Wearing:

  • Encore!  Band Camp T-Shirt from middle school (If it ain’t broken, keep wearing it.)
  • Eddie Bauer “Tall Large” Ribbed Knit Sport Sweater Shirt Beige. (Let’s be honest, it’s a muumuu.  But it’s a clean muumuu.)
  • Levi Strauss Original Riveted 501 Jeans (Optimized for speed of purchase.)
  • Cheap White Running Socks (I bought 40 pairs so I wouldn’t have to think about socks for a few years)
  • New Balance 646 Shoes that have never, ever been tied.  Not even once.  (Keeping shoes tied is a waste of time)

And What About The Yo-Yo?

  • Made in USA
  • Make: General-Yo
  • Model: 5-Star V1 in all black (1 of 5)
  • Specs:
  • Weight (g)                64.7
  • Width (mm)             40.89
  • Diameter (mm)       52.07
  • Gap Width (mm)       3.91
  • Bearing Size = Large .250 x .500 x .187 in
  • AIGR Bearing (Aircraft Instrument Gyro Rated)
  • Response = Silicone


John Newlin – Editor in Chief 

Tell Us What You Are Wearing:

Nautical stripes never really go out of style, they just have these spikes of popularity every other spring. So if you’re going to preppy route, it’s safe to have several maritime-inspired items clean and ready. They tend to complement staple items well: Submariner watch, Levis, Prada loafers. I’ve owned everything I’m wearing for more than 10 years.

How Would You Define Your Sense of Style?

Growing up, the only clothes my parents would buy me were from Lands’ End. This didn’t help me look the part when I went through my breakdancing or hardcore skater phases, but in some ways, since hip-hop is all about the preppy style and the skateboarding community will someday catch up, I suppose I was unintentionally ahead of the trends. Or rather, my Mid Western parents were.

Tanya Leigh – Associate Style Editor – StyleBistro

What Are You Wearing?

  • I’m wearing a sweater-skirt I found at a vintage boutique with a basic chartreuse sweater and my favorite waist-cinching belt.

How Would You Classify Your Sense of Style?

  • There’s a bit of ’50s or ’60s inspiration behind most everything I wear. I’m a sucker for ultra-feminine pieces like retro sundresses, high-waist pencil skirts and classic pumps—but I also love a good pair of dark denim skinny jeans.

Who Are Your Style Icons?

  • Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot…Modern day: Kate Bosworth and Dita Von Teese.

Darrick Thomas – Associate Editor –  (on the left)

Tell Us What You Are Wearing:

I am wearing a vintage skycaster blue T-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana paired with gunmetal neu denim trousers by Marc Jacobs accented by James Dean inspired rolled cuffs. My shoes are Manolo Blahnik yacht club chic.

But really – blue T-shirt, grey pants from H&M, and brown slip-ons. I wish I was more fashionable, but alas, I am not. It’s all about comfort.