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The Perfect Hollywood Woman by the Numbers

There are plenty of perfect 10s in Hollywood. But, with the help of our readers, we’ve pieced together something different: the recipe for the Perfect Hollywood Woman. This woman doesn’t actually exist, but, by our calculations, we figured out if we were somehow able to create this ideal gal she would have Megan Fox’s hair, Victoria Justice’s eyebrows, and Mila Kunis’ smile.

So, what’s the science behind it? Well, we publish dozens upon dozens of face-off games* asking readers questions like “Who has the Best Smile?” or “Who has the Prettiest Eyes?” and then our wizard engineer-folk automate their answers into a ranking system. We decided it would be a shame to let all of that information (games average about 600,000 votes) just sit there. So we’ve crunched numbers and compiled the data to bring you the elements of the Perfect Hollywood Woman. Enjoy!

The Hair:

Adriana Lima

  • Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima was voted #1 Best Hair in Hollywood, beating out other famous beauties 81% of the time.
  • Runner-up: Taylor Swift’s lovely locks dominated 77 percent of the time.

The Eyes:

Aishwarya Rai

  • The Bollywood bombshell snatched the #1 spot for “Who Has the Prettiest Eyes?”, winning against other gorgeous gazers 80% of the time.
  • Runner-up: Megan Fox, who Rai has less than a 1% advantage over.

The Brows:

Victoria Justice

  • Readers preferred this Hollywood newbie’s sophisticated brows 52% of the time over other leading ladies’ supercillia. (Yeah, that’s the fancypants way to say “eyebrows”.)
  • Runner-up: Alyssa Campanella was a sliver of a percentage point behind the Nickelodeon starlet.

The Smile:

Mila Kunis

  • Mila swept up the smile category, winning over 80% of the time with her impossibly perfect pearly whites.
  • Runner-up: British R&B princess Cheryl Cole, who we hear walks on water across the pond, was a distant second.

The Bikini Body:

Bar Refaeli

  • The Israeli supermodel beat out other hot women in bikinis 73% of the time. And we will let the picture speak for itself.
  • Runner-up: Fellow supermodel Adriana Lima was on Bar’s perfect tail at #2.

* In our community games, readers are shown random pairs of women and asked to select which woman they think is hotter, has a prettiest smile, et al. depending on the question asked in the game. The winner of the game is the woman who has the highest percentage of wins against the gal she is pitted against each time.